Ver. 1.2.3 Update

Changelog 1.2.3

-fixed griffon overworld sprite
-fixed a typo in majikk
-fixed big monkey battlers
-fixed a typo in mirrikh factory
-fixed several typos in eeon area
-fixed some menu text typos
-fixed a glitch in volcano where miki and niki thought they were each other
-fixed my inability to type acquired correctly in a context other than item-getting
-fixed some tiles in Ryuia
-SBOUT lol, that's almost as bad as the original airshpi
-removed some rain animation effects in teralolz to reduce lag:)
-fixed niki image location in green cave
-fixed a jump point in flame cave 
-fixed a fix i already fixed in sand castle castle teleporter
-fixed some stray pixels
-changed bigrobot sprites size for integrated graphics cards
-lets go this thing
-fixed some flame-y typos
-fixed some battle sprites
-added 'hard mode' agares/gategirl for end 2&3 refights
-FIXED the majikkjungle&evermore mapsize problem for limited graphics cards


Demo Installer 1.2.3 532 MB
Apr 01, 2018
Update Installer 1.2.3 199 MB
Apr 01, 2018

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