Ver. 1.1.3 Update

Changelog 1.1.3

-fixed a walkthru tile in mirrikh factory
-the npc that tells you part of the code now repeats it in the factory
-fixed going to teralolz early
-fixed ea's house showteam switch
-fixed ring of lifes description
-fixed whyp really really wanting to be involved when he's not in the party in eeon
-Clear Cache Mode (gameplay options) now shows if it's on or off
-starting a new game will autostart with previously selected windowskin
-fixed tiles in chopoky..poka...Chopokolon Canyon
-fixed a glitch where repeatedly closing the party swap menu gives an error

Thanks for all the bug reports everyone! We're working on updating the base engine to the latest RPG Maker MV update, but we still need to play through it to make sure nothing breaks. It should provide some performance increases.


An additional tiny update was added to the patch to change a single graphic that resulted in a white pixel in the top left corner. The full install version was not updated with this change. I did not update the version numbers for this.


Update Installer 1.1.3 2 MB
Nov 01, 2017
Full Installer 1.1.3 701 MB
Nov 01, 2017

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