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"Echo, big sister... 

You were taken from me.
You knew... you knew about it. All along.
...But you never told me.
Why did you lie to me!?
What are you trying so desperately
to keep from me!?

Even when I hated you...
Even when we fought...

Despite everything;
I still trust you."

Gaia's Melody is a game about friendship. About bonds, family - lies, deception, and the truth.
Overcoming yourself, and accepting.

Do you have the courage to accept the truth?


-The game follows a dark story hidden within happy comedic characters
-Explore this group of characters, and learn how their lives have been affected by the past, their friends, and their own actions
-Contains colourful and lively custom graphics, detailed sprites, creepy-cute monsters, and anime-styled cutscene art
-A 20-30 hour epic, written as a heavily character-driven narrative
-Fun turned-based combat made amusing
-Dynamically engaging sprite-based scenes
-NewGamePlus availability


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Windows Full Game 3 GB
Version 1.2.6
Linux Full Game 3 GB
Version 1.2.6
Mac OS X Full Game 3 GB
Version 1.2.6
Ultimate Guidebook 99 MB
if you pay $7.98 USD or more

Download demo

Windows Demo 554 MB
Version 1.2.5
Linux Demo 560 MB
Version 1.2.5
Mac OS X Demo 555 MB
Version 1.2.5

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Nice!  Looking forward to seeing your new game too!

Deleted 2 years ago

It's very graphics heavy, the maps don't use tilesets, but are all hand crafted, large images

Deleted 2 years ago

If you try to run the game in test play mode from the RPG Maker editor, it's designed to give you a fake BSOD actually, so that could be why that's happening.

Deleted 2 years ago

The map-s are images!!!!


I have been watching your youtube channel for a while and I've thought "Hum, I wonder when this game is going to be released" and then found it yesterday that it has been released 1 year ago! (If I'm not wrong.)

I was appalled and happy when I saw that.
Now I can play it! (I'm late, but I don't care!)


I adore this game. It's so fun and full of love! Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone Echo!

hello seen the game while I was surfing steam and looked around and found out that it was a remake lol planning to play all 3 game's but I have a question what resolution does the drawing have to be to make ur own character pic like in the image's in this game plan to make my own game and would like to make my own?


Echo, you are an artist. This game is a masterpiece. Thank you for making this. Thank you for making tutorials. I as an indie developer can imagine how much it took to make this art piece. My entire life would be different without this game.

I thank you Echo.

Without your video "I'm still here¦What happened/Game announcement" I cannot say I would still be here...

I cannot say I would have survived it...

I,again,  thank you.

No Linux here?

I bought the game on itch.io because DRM free is better  ^^

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I'm testing out how itch's uploader, butler, works. Assuming this goes well, I'll be switching the downloads on here to use that system allowing for the Linux and Mac versions (full and demo).


Linux and Mac versions now available! Let me know if there's any problems.

Thank you a lot ^^

I love your game!

nice game. waiting for pt 2

Echo may I please make a video on my channel for this game demo


Dear Echo, 

You are very great at what you do I'm glad I found you or I might not be here today so thank you. 

I bought this game before the guide book was available. Is there a way to buy the guidebook without rebuying the entire game over again?

I'm not really sure, I will look into that.


According to this forum post, the only way is to do a refund and re-purchase at the higher amount. Seems like itch is planning on changing this in future, but who knows when that will happen. It looks like you'll have to contact the itch support to do this. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Alright, I'll look into it, then. I might just rebuy it to gift to a friend in that case instead.

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Dear Echo607,

I bought your game on Steam and......oh, man. I didn’t play it about....nvm.

I’m still playing it, reached on Chapter 2 and will continue later. It’s awesome! Can’t wait to finish it. 

And Echo607,

When I played the game, I never thought that my gamepad is compatible to your game.


Thank you.

Hi Echo!

I've been trying out RMXVA-Lite to see if I want to get RMMV, and I stumbled on your game via your YouTube videos.  I played the demo today and wanted to know if the demo save file could be transferred to the actual game once purchased?

THANK YOU for your YouTube content and your personality, you are a joy to learn from!

Keep going, never give up, and your dreams will grow with your successes!

Yes, the save file can be transferred from the demo to the full game. And thank you for your kind words. :)

Hi Echo.

I finally got to download your game after purchasing it more than 100 days ago, due to my internet having been limited at that time.

Started playing today and was struggling to put it  down.

The artwork is amazing first of all.

What you have done with the setting, the camera and the music... the timing that you used to implement each change in these effects was just brilliant.

Most of all... The Story! 

I'm currently at a place where an Airship is arriving and cannot wait to come back from work tomorrow to see what happens.

So far from me, you get a thumbs up.


Imma do a youtube video on the Demo if that is okay :)

That's perfectly fine :)


Alright also just want to tell you you are my favorite youtuber! I watched all of your videos :) When you left i waited almost a year for you to come back and when you did it was worth it :)

Deleted 2 years ago

What are your computer's specs? 


Hi. I'm having an issue with the game set-up. It is giving me an error message when I try to install the game on my PC.

I have tried installing it into a different folder where I keep all my game as well but it still gives my the same error.

I purchase the game while I was visiting my sister because where I live I don't have much internet connection. Then I just brought the ( Gaias Melody Ehoed Melodies .zip ) file with the update back home with me.

Could this be because I did not install it on same PC as I downloaded from.

Runtime Error (at 91:364):

Cannot open file


Will appreciate any help.


*The name of the (is-________.temp) folder keeps changing each time I try. But the file path stays the same with the required FileList-1.1.2..text always at the end.

(1 edit)

You'll need to be connected to the internet on the computer you're installing on as it downloads additional files. The actual install is about 4.5 GB total. Unfortunately I didn't have a very nice way of uploading that directly here without requiring users to download 7 different files (max upload size is 750 MB). If you can download it on another computer I can make an installer that won't require an internet connection for you. 

Thank you Echo for the quick response. I will see if I can make  plan soon.  I've been waiting way too long to play this.

Echo, I have a problem that I felt I should report to you, regarding the Options menu... namely, when I tried to access it from the title menu, it wouldn't load anything other than an error message... namely a TypeError message. Could you look into this for us players who might want to know how we can modify the game options? Thank you. :)

I assume this is the error you encountered? https://bitbucket.org/Echo607/gaias-melody/issues/3/uncaught-typeerror-cannot-re... I tired opening the game and selecting options from the title menu and it seems to work on my end, is there any additional steps you took? I've been trying to nail this error down for awhile.

At present, I am checking the error message that you shared with me. However, I have to admit that the options menu was accessible after I tried playing another time. I honestly don't get why that's the case.

...*ahem* Anyway, I believe that was the error, though I didn't take any additional steps. Sorry if this has been unhelpful.

No worries. That's what makes this bug so hard to track down. It did give me some ideas to check into though, so hopefully I can sort it out.

Thanks for understanding, Echo. Also, I'm glad I could be of some help to you.

Also, thanks for releasing your game, since it made a nice early birthday present to myself (I'm probably three years older than you as of October 22nd). I hope that you get to enjoy your life as a game dev as much as possible.

...speaking of the game, do you mind if I do a Let's Play series on this, or is your Let's Play on your YouTube channel good enough for you?

As far as my idea of making a Let's Play series, I take that back... instead, do you mind if I write a fanfic of your game(s)? I mean, I was thinking of doing a novelization, if that was alright with you.

Thanks in advance. :)

Go for it!


Yooo!!! I was super excited for this game. Congrats on your release! I know it's gonna knock some socks off!




Actually i was here first

*After the game was published

whatever. I was first to the youtube video. You take your prize.

I need to stop spamming in all caps.

BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's good to see you again!

Btw, the game looks great! Can't wait to play it!


Damn Echo It looks so good!!! I cant wait to play it!!! <3