Ver. 1.2.0 Update


Changelog 1.2.0
-Updated to YEP-Corescripts1.5.1
-Substantially reduced load times on older machines
-More stable framerates overall
-Should help with memory usage on older machines
-ClearCache modes are now on by default, renamed Performance Settings in Gameplay Options

-fixed a derp in menutext
-fixed an issue on tadase's sprite
-fixed a typo in menutext
-fixed a majiikal glitch with teleport stones
-made an exit in majikk cave easier to see
-fixed an echo battler sprite

SAVE FILES from the previous version WILL BE FINE!
They won't be backwards compatible after saving on the new version, so it is encouraged to make a backup incase of unforeseen issues, and let us know if you encounter any problems.
Bugs can be reported here:


Demo Installer 1.2.0 532 MB
94 days ago
Update-1.2.0.exe 7 MB
94 days ago
Full Installer (Online) 1.2.0 701 MB
94 days ago
Full Installer (Offline) 1.2.0 701 MB
94 days ago
Full-Offline-1.2.0-2.bin 701 MB
94 days ago
Full-Offline-1.2.0-3.bin 701 MB
94 days ago
Full-Offline-1.2.0-4.bin 701 MB
94 days ago
Full-Offline-1.2.0-5.bin 701 MB
94 days ago
Full-Offline-1.2.0-6.bin 701 MB
94 days ago
Full-Offline-1.2.0-7.bin 342 MB
94 days ago

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